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When life throws obstacles in our path, we all deal with them in different ways. With a wide range of beneficial and compassionate spiritual services, Kimberly Thomas can help you connect with and develop your own natural abilities and provide welcome relief from life's greatest challenges.
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Clairvoyant readings

If you need a little guidance from the spiritual world to help you find the right path, a clairvoyant reading provided by Kimberly Thomas is the perfect solution. She offers a number of clairvoyant services, including Oracle and Tarot Cards readings and Akashic Records consultations. For readings over the phone or in person, you can schedule a 30 minute or 6o minute session. Kimberly Thomas also offers readings by email. Just send your questions to and Kimberly Thomas will spend 30-60 minutes composing a response.  Click on the BOOK NOW (right side of page) and make a date with Kimberly
60 minute session: $120
30 minute session: $70

Medical Intuitive readings

Whether you're suffering from an unknown illness or a severe spiritual imbalance, Kimberly Thomas offers amazing Medical Intuitive (Psychic Body Scan) readings to help determine the root cause of your situation. She'll provide you with a detailed anatomical and psychological profile which traces the imbalance back to its source, as well as an action plan to promote healing. The process includes a written report as well as time to discuss over the phone.Kimberly Thomas also offers Reiki Healing sessions and Radiant Heart Healing sessions.

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Kimberly Thomas is happy to provide her outstanding spiritual services for group sessions or private parties. Group sessions are a minimum of 2 hours plus travel, so give us a call or send us an email to find out more information.
Call 513-827-0319 for more details.
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