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Whether you're seeking to connect with someone from the other side or you want to develop your own spiritual abilities, let the amazing abilities of Kimberly Thomas guide your way. She's an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church and certified in a wide variety of spiritual services, so you can count on her to help you achieve your spiritual goals

Reading guidelines

I am clairaudient (I hear), and I am clairsentient (I feel)
I hear the information that I am supposed to pass on, it is not like having a conversation like you and I would have with someone else. I get bits and pieces and try to put it all together.Names sometimes sound the same, like Helen & Ellen, Dan & Don, Ted & Fred. If you hear me trying to sound out these types of names, please do not sit there and wait for the exact name. I get dates but won't necessarily know what the date means. Often times I also feel what illness or condition took the person to the other side.I will give you the information before you tell me anything. All I ask is that you work with me. I am not asking you to feed me information.I also see symbolically (clairvoyant)Example: If I am seeing a symbol for an apple it could be to just say the word “apple” not that you like fruit, but you could have grown up on Apple Street or lived near apple orchards. I have to give it as I am getting it or I may misinterpret the message.Please listen to what information is coming forward, it may mean NOTHING to me but could be very significant to you. Also please DO NOT wait to hear what YOU want to hear. I can only give you what I am getting. I try not to interpret the information fully for you because what is being said is for YOU AND NOT ME. My goal is to deliver a message based upon the information given to me.  I also 'just know' (claircognizant)Sometimes I get a full download in one fell swoop and it is clear as a bell what the message is about. Sometimes, I've not a clue about how it is important but the Divine knows what you need to hear. So you will get an understandable message.
All kinds of evidence come out in a session, whether it is significant or what may seem to you to be quite trivial. It is all the small things that make up our lives.If I give you a name, it does not have to be from someone who has passed, it could be someone here who you are connected with, as I never know where each session will go. Each and every session is different. If you do not understand the information being received, please write it down and check the information with your family.All I ask is that you keep an open mind and listen to the information coming through, so you can have a positive and rewarding session.
Blessings!KimberlyRev. Kimberly Susan Thomas has a special gift for providing Divine Love, Wisdom, and Guidance to everyone she touches. Her profound abilities as a Spiritual Counselor will speak to your soul and aid in the spiritual learning process.As an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, she continually strives to deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ and to teach you how to hear God's voice if you so desire.She is also a Certified Psychic Medium, and a Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner who employs her gifts to help create sacred safe place for you to rest. Outside of her Psychic Medium talents, Kimberly Thomas is a wife and mother who works in IT Management.

About Kimberly

Kimberly Thomas is a wife and mother to three sons, one of whom has already passed into the spiritual world. She works in IT Management, and has a number of certified qualifications under her belt, including:
  • Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church
  • Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner
  • Certified Psychic Medium
  • Medical Intuitive training
  • Psychic Mediumship and Akashic Records training
  • Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
My Spiritual Journey includes various religious experiences and a few unexplainable paranormal experiences. 
I met my wonderful husband at college. A few short years after marrying, we joined a Southern Baptist church. This is where my spiritual commitment grew in a short period of time. I eventually began teaching Sunday school. The opportunity came along to become the Minister of Music. I love music and I could not resist. The experience of leading multiple choirs and musicians was just wonderful and challenging all at the same time. I became very aware of the impact the music made on individuals during a church session. It was miraculous how spirits were uplifted and how truths were revealed about struggles. I really loved being a part of the church service in this way as it was very healing to many. Music can be uplifting and loving in unexpected ways. I'm glad to have been a part of those events.Having a leadership role in the church makes one search for deeper answers to questions. I attended a number of Christian based workshops to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ. I've deepened my connection with God and learned how to discern His voice through various metaphysical workshops and classes.
I am committed to teaching you how to hear God if you so desire.He speaks to everyone!
Kimberly Susan Thomas
Connecting through psychic medium in Fairfield, OH

What to expect

 It is important for you to keep an open mind during the whole process, and to be open to receive whatever messages come through and from whoever is trying to connect with you. You never know who will come through. If the person has passed and they know you are in the sitting, it could be from someone you may have hardly known or have not heard from in a long time. Like a second cousin or a neighbor down the street or a grandfather you never met while he was here.
I do not have the ability to just connect with the person you may want to hear from. It's not quite as simple as picking up the phone. I cannot "call the dead." You may hear from old friends or you may be the middleman who passes on a message to a friend coming from one of their relatives. I'm not saying that you will not hear from the certain person you wish to connect with - I just cannot guarantee it. 

There is a process when doing mediumship and we have to honor it. I can only do my best to bring through whoever wants to come through with clarity and evidence. People who have passed on are not coming through to give you predictions. They are coming through to show you that life continues and they are still around you.
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