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Intuitive counseling in Blue Ash

Some days are harder than others. When it seems like the weight of the world is pushing you down or you have unanswered questions that are keeping you awake at night, you need real solutions that can help you get through the tough times ahead. Find a little clarity with the calming services of Kimberly Thomas. She offers a wide range of amazing workshops and psychic development workshops that can help you find the answers you need. With her powerful connection with the Holy Spirit, Kimberly Thomas provides messages for the highest and greatest good to help you on your journey towards healing and understanding.
Workshop News

Discover Your Psychic Vibes  - February 4, 2017

Intuition for Your Health - March 4, 2017

PsychicDevelopment Weekend - April 22 - 23 2017

A little about Kimberly Thomas

Rev. Kimberly Susan Thomas has a special gift for providing Divine Love, Wisdom, and Guidance to everyone she touches. Her profound abilities as a Spiritual Counselor will speak to your soul and aid in the spiritual learning process.As an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, she continually strives to deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ and to teach you how to hear God's voice if you so desire.She is also a Certified Psychic Medium, and a Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner who employs her gifts to help create sacred safe place for you to rest. Outside of her Psychic Medium talents, Kimberly Thomas is a wife and mother who works in IT Management.
Intuitive counseling spiritual services in Fairfield, OH

Spiritual services

Clairvoyant/Tarot/Oracle readings
Spiritual Counseling via Akashic Records
Medium: messages  from Loved ones,
Medical Intuitive with Reiki Healing Sessions,
Wedding Officiant

If you're looking for help connecting with your spiritual side, then Kimberly Thomas offers a wide variety of services to fit your needs.Her wide range of amazing services cover the full gamut of spiritual needs.  She also offers Spiritual Development workshops, and Psychic Development Circles.  From simple spiritual exercises to educational courses, she will teach you how to recognize the spiritual world around you and understand the information you receive from it.

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